About Me

Hailed as "the oldest town in Texas" Nacogdoches' rising country star and hometown native, Cody Taylor Strain has roots in Texas country as deep as Nacogdoches is old!! This country boy has been bringing country music to the oldest town in Texas since 2010.  Cody blends the new sound of Texas country with that old soul country sound we all know and love with country, blues and even a little classic rock!  This hard working hometown country boy will keep your audiences heads turning and coming back time and time again.  So get ready for a hand clapping, boot stomping, dancing and singing good ole Texas country time..... everytime!! 

My Skills

Cody is best known for his Texas country music style,  with over 10K followers and 200K views on facebook and instagram.  Since his start Cody has collaborated with one of Nashville's best known Texas Country music producers, Spence Peppard (also a Nacogdoches native!).   Cody and Spence worked together to release Cody's first single "Come Clean" in September of 2020.  Cody's new single is now available on all music platforms.  This new single has been recognized by Texas Country Music Association and has been added to it's Best Texas Country Picks Album coming out in March 2021.  TCMA will be releasing the new single to all Texas Country Music stations as well as their exclusive list of venues. 


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My Motivation

Cody has been playing and singing since the age of 13 when he began playing with his hometown church band in Nacogdoches.  Cody is a hardworking single dad, he is a driller for a oil rig and also has his own farrier business on the side.  Cody's strong desire and love of music has driven him to pursue his passion in playing and singing full time.

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TikTok: CTrain117
Facebook: Cody Strain Music
Instagram: CTrain117
Snapchat: Roper117

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Visit my Gallery to get a feel for the style that my audiences love. If you don't see what you're looking for, get in touch and I'll be happy to help.